Cafergot or Imitrex – What to Choose

Headache is a widely spread condition that affects all the people at a certain stage of their lives. The condition may be triggered by underlying physical health disorders and certain psychological issues. Fatigue, weariness, stress, depression and anxiety are the main causes that activate headache. The positive thing here is that headache is generally not a complicated issue and its symptoms can be easily improved with one of the powerful treatments. Imitrex and Cafergot are top-notch alternatives, which are powerful enough to decrease the symptoms of serious headache, migraine and a range of related health complications. However, it is important to learn the difference between these potential drugs before opting for the one.

Imitrex belongs to a group of headache medications. The active component of the drug, Sumatriptan, affects the blood vessels around the brain, narrowing them and stimulating significant condition improvement. Additionally, an effective formula of the drug is potent to reduce the amount of body substances that cause nausea, vomiting, headache pain, hypersensitivity to sound and light, as well as other signs of migraine. Imitrex is known to decrease the symptoms of the condition, which has already started. You should not administer this drug in order to warn the upcoming attack. Besides, the medication will not produce a positive effect in treatment of common tension headache or other headache types. Consult your medical specialist to investigate other instances of Imitrex use.

Cafergot is another effective treatment that stimulates vasoconstriction. The medication promotes a similar impact on the blood vessels around the brain, though it also produces a potential impact on the blood flow in order to decrease the symptoms of certain headache types. Similarly to Imitrex, Cafergot will treat only the ongoing migraine headache.

Cafergot vs. Imitrex: Similar and Differentiating Features

Despite a similar effect on the body these drugs produce and a range of other factors that coincide, Cafergot and Imitrex have numerous features that differ greatly. Compare all the peculiarities of both drugs to select the one that is safer and more effective in your case.

  1. Form. While Cafergot is available only in the form of oral pills and suppository, Imitrex can be used as a tablet, solution, kit, injection and spray.
  2. Drug interactions. Cafergot may interact with antidepressants, antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, antifungals, HIV/AIDS treatments, asthma pills and a range of other pharmaceuticals. Imitrex, in its turn, can cause fewer interactions, including mainly depression treatments, narcotics pain treatments, remedies to eliminate the signs of psychiatric issues and prevent nausea and vomiting. It is important to note that a patient should never combine Cafergot and Imitrex, as it can trigger devastating side effects and health problems.
  3. Contraindications. Warn your healthcare specialist about other illnesses you have. Both Cafergot and Imitrex are not approved for patients with severe heart disorders, blood circulation problems, kidney or liver impairments and certain other diseases.