Description of Cafergot and Its Formula

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Cafergot is a medication that combines two active ingredients, caffeine and ergotamine, into a powerful chemical formula. When looking for the most effective migraine treatment, you should try this medication, because it can bring you the desirable effects. Nowadays, it’s often used to treat and prevent different headache types, including migraines. Cafergot is all about a chemical combination of two vasoconstrictors, so it works by constricting brain blood vessels, thus, helping patients relieve pain caused by headache.

When This Medication Shouldn’t Be Used

In some cases, patients aren’t allowed to start this treatment, so it’s always necessary to consult doctors to determine whether Cafergot is your best option. For example, you shouldn’t take it if you:

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  • Have allergic reactions to this combination of caffeine and ergotamine together;
  • Are in labor or pregnant;
  • Have specific blood vessel conditions, hypertension, heart diseases, severe infections, kidney and liver problems;
  • Take azole antifungals and such medications as HIV protease inhibitors, ketolide and macrolide antibiotics, pressor agents, quinolones and selective 5-HT agonists because of possible drug interactions.

What to Do Before Starting This Treatment

There are certain things that should be done before you start taking Cafergot. You need to visit doctors and inform them if you’re planning to get pregnant, take other medications, including prescription drugs and simple supplements, have any existing allergies, smoke or have a history of difficulty sleeping, heart and blood problems, anxiety, etc.

As you already know, there are some medications that may potentially interact with Cafergot, so you need to tell your physician if you’re taking the above-mentioned pharmaceuticals to be on a safe side. That’s because drug interactions are dangerous, and they often result in serious side effects and reduced effectiveness.

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Guidelines on How to Use Cafergot Properly

You should take this medication according to the directions given by your doctor. It’s possible to use it both with and without food, but you need to avoid grapefruit products, because they may have a negative impact on its effectiveness. Cafergot should be taken only when needed to prevent and treat migraine attacks, so that you should use it when you notice the first signs of headache. If the first dosage doesn’t relieve your migraine, take extra doses based on the recommendations of your physician. However, you shouldn’t take the next dose within 30 minutes, and it’s not allowed to take more than 6 Cafergot tablets for one migraine attack.

Make sure that you don’t exceed the dose prescribed by doctors, because you risk ending up with serious overdosing signs. This medication is not intended to be used for a long time or on a regular basis. Smoking may increase your risk of developing unwanted side effects. Children should use Cafergot only with extreme caution, and they should be monitored by doctors when undergoing this treatment. This medicine shouldn’t be taken in high doses and for a long period of time, because patients have a high risk of developing drug dependency and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

List of Common and Rare Side Effects

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Just like other medications available in the modern market, generic Cafergot 100 mg is responsible for causing certain side effects. The good news is that most patients have minor or no adverse effects at all when taking it. Watch for any suspicious symptoms, especially if they become bothersome. Once you develop any serious side effect, you need to go to the hospital at once, because you may end up with severe health complications. For example, the use of Cafergot may result in the following adverse effects:

  • Nausea and allergic reactions;
  • Itching and skin rash;
  • Hives and difficulty breathing;
  • Swelling of different face areas and tightness in your chest;
  • Chest pain and severe diarrhea;
  • Blue toes and fingers;
  • Pale or cold toes and fingers;
  • Hallucinations and severe dizziness;
  • Headaches and muscle pain;
  • Irregular heartbeats and seizures;
  • Leg cramps and unusual weakness;
  • Sudden mood and mental changes;
  • Tingling and numbness in feet and hands;
  • Ringing in your ears and other hearing changes;
  • Vomiting and swelling;
  • Weak pulse and loss of appetite.

These serious symptoms are rare, because most patients who feel any discomfort develop mild side effects that often pass away over time. You should start taking Cafergot for migraines only after discussing your existing health problems with doctors.